Secretary/Referee Diary

Day of the week Actions to take
Monday On Monday evening, if you are the home team, you MUST confirm the game location, kick-off time and colours with both your opponents and the assigned match officials (no later than 9.30pm).

If you are unable to reach either of these, you must leave a message (if available) and ring back on Tuesday. If the referee says that they are unable to take the fixture, it is imperative that you ring Colin Smith (01353 749911) as soon as possible so he can be made aware of the situation and arrange a replacement should one be available.

REFEREES: This is the day you should expect a call from the home team official. It is generally accepted that this can be left until the following day but that really is the latest you can accept a call.

Tuesday If you were unable to reach your opponents on the previous Monday evening, you must try again. If you are unsuccessful with your opponents, try the emergency contact and, if necessary, the league rep, both of whom should have telephone numbers in the handbook.

If there are problems in obtaining the assigned referee, ring Colin Smith (01353 749911) to sort the problem.

Today is also the ABSOLUTE latest you should expect a club to contact you if you are the away team. If you are not contacted by Tuesday night, ideally you should ring them to make sure there isn’t a problem and report the club to Pat Ansell (020 8500 9778) for late notification.

Remember, if you haven’t been contacted, it is more than likely that the Referee hasn’t either so check with the person you contact that this has been done. Your game could end up without a Referee if this check isn’t made.

REFEREES: If you have still not received confirmation from the home club, contact Colin Smith (01353 749911) in the first instance and he will investigate the reason behind this and, if neccessary, assign you to an uncovered fixture.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Presuming the game has been confirmed with your opponents and the Referee, you should then set about confirming with your own players to make sure you get your team to the venue in good time. Once you’ve done that, you can have a rest!! Hopefully plain sailing so far…

REFEREES: If you have any problems during this period, you should call Colin Smith (01353 749911)

Saturday (Matchday) Before the game:
Match day has finally arrived. Before you leave for the match, make sure that everything is in order. You should have the kit (unless you have the luxury of a kitman!!), footballs, waterbottles etc.

Look out for the Referee at the ground as they may not know who you are. You will need some money to be able to pay the Referee their match fee of �30. This must be offered BEFORE the game although you will find that some Referees would prefer you to hold on to it until after the game.

Before kick-off, make sure you give the Referee the substitutes’ names and two match balls. If you are signing players on the day of the match, look for the most senior official available from the opposing club and ask them to countersign the registration form BEFORE KICK-OFF. Kick-off has now arrived at last!!

After the game:
If you still need to  pay the referee (league matches – home team, cup games – shared), do this promptly to save them having to ask. If you are the away team, you should ask for the Referee’s name to put on the result card. Do NOT presume that the name on the fixture list is correct as this can change during the week.

Home teams must ring or text your result through to the results line 07906 719999 straight after the end of your game or certainly no later than 6pm. If you are competing in external competitions (County, Charity Cups), you must ring the result regardless of who is the home team

REFEREES: The Rules state that you should at least be offered your match fee before the game, whether you accept it or not. It is common practice for the Referee to accept their fee after the game but you are not expected to wait whilst they collect match fees from players. If you need to get away quickly at the end of the game, accept the fee before the game.

Sunday If you haven’t already done so, fill out the match result card, either on the internet at or on a card and get this posted out ASAP.

Bear in mind that this should arrive with the Results Secretary before 8pm on the following Wednesday, otherwise fines will be imposed. If you have any registration forms to submit concerning players who have played in the game, these have the same deadline.

REFEREES: You need to send in your Referee Report Form to Colin Smith either by e-mail ( or post (see Officers page). Please complete this as fully as possible including names of those you have cautioned or sent-off. This is very important as, with the use of our disciplinary code of conduct, we monitor team discipline very closely and the information you provide plays a key role.

If you have cautioned/sent-off anybody then you should also complete the reports for your county FA.